Autism · Family

Searching for positives

Today has been hard, very hard. The ugly side of autism, the bits I generally try and ignore and pretend don’t happen raised their heads more than once. It’s a shame because when it does everything else stops and is overshadowed. I think we are all being affected by the swift change in weather, at least that’s what I’m putting it down to. So, tonight I am looking at the positives. In our house we are very used to children not hitting milestones, but also flying through others ahead of their peers. Little man for instance was walking at 8 months, seriously! I had a 2 and a half year old who had literally just been diagnosed with autism and he decides now is the time to start walking. I could have done with him being stationary a little longer but I guess it was a nice distraction at the time. Now however he is 19 months and not talking, nothing, Nada!

He makes noise…a lot of noise but nothing really even close to a word. Well this has been beginning to concern me lately what with his sister track record for not talking, I think it’s only natural. He is really nothing like her, he is sociably, an attention seeker, he is a typical toddler…except there are no words and his concept of words is still quite limited. The question “Where’s Mama?” can throw up several responses, he could point at a tree, or a door or occasionally me. Aha but he points! He also can follow your gaze when you point (usually) which are two things his sister still doesn’t do. Well his new thing is dancing! Every time there is an advert with a jingle or a theme tune or even a toy playing one of it monotonous, brain-melting tunes he looks over cheekily and has a little bop. It’s amazingly cute and I know something most children do at a younger age, but who cares. This was worth the wait.

toy keysThe girlie has no concept of music or dancing or what the heck her bother and I are doing which in itself is quite amusing as she looks away with disdain. The girls reading or recall is coming on thick and fast and can say many words from sight including toy, drum, keys, farmer and car. Perhaps not the most useful bunch of words but I’ll take anything she is willing to give.


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