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TV v reality

I would imagine most Autism parents go though a similar befrazzlement (yes I made that word up) on the topic of TV. The girly will only watch a handful of programmes which fluctuate but generally consist of:


Toy Story 1,2 &3, Mulan, The Lion King (until Mufasa dies)


Your Baby Can Read, In the Night Garden (selected episodes, preferably ones more oriented towards Upsie Daisy and Iggle Piggle rather than the Tombliboos what can I say the girl knows what she likes!), Waybuloo, Baby Jake and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

Not too bad you might think. There’s a few to choose from, you might think. Well the problem is at any one time the little madam will only watch any three of the list above. At present its The Lion King (until Mufasa dies, should probably be a little concerned that Scar and the Hyenas are her favourites) Your Baby Can Read and In The Night Garden (as above.)

The Lion King is touring and is coming to our city and I am umming and arring as to whether to take her or not as I’m not sure she’ll have the connection as visually it’ll be nothing like what she knows and loves. Maybe if they do an autism friendly show it might be an option.

Then I saw that In The Night Garden is coming too, well this does look promising! The characters actually look like the real deal as opposed to Ben and Holly and the Waybuloo characters who quite frankly terrified me when we saw them at past events. Neither children seemed to actually recognize the giant bumbling characters but the In The Night Garden people knew what they were doing when they designed their characters.

20130709-173209.jpgThe non-animated,*spoiler* person in a costume routine works so much better when translating from screen to real life. Having a child with Autism can sometimes feel like the “magic” that Disney keep selling is a little lost, if a character doesn’t look exactly as it does on-screen (i.e. 2D and animated) well then it may as well not exist.

In The Night Garden have asked me to run a competition offering a family ticket at your local show (where available.) I’m so excited to a) take my children to see this show and check out their responses and b) be able to give away tickets to another family click here to read more about the show!

I’m looking forward to reviewing the show and hopefully have two happy children at the end of it!


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