We <3 our Bundlebean

We were very lucky to be given a Bundlebean to test drive for children with Special Needs, my views are my own.

My girly is a tall 3 year old so the vast majority of cosytoes just don’t work for her now.  She’s also never been a fan of being restricted, even as a baby she would pull her arms and legs out of any blankets of swaddles, the Bundlebean is great as you can have it as tight as you want and tuck it in or loose with room for your legs to breathe. IMG_6750Also as it only goes on top of the child it means during this typical British summer you can put it on or take it off in less than a minute.

Both children have had a go and both have got on really well with it, the boy hates blankets with a passion so the cunning strap behind the seat worked a charm with him and within a few minutes he’s forgotten all about it.

Both children are phobic when it comes to raincovers to the point where it needs to be an epic storm for me to go through the drama which inevitablePicMonkey Collageably ends with me losing my temper, both children going into meltdown and all of us getting soaked.  The Bundlebean has a waterproof side meaning that a combination of it and a decent hood leaves the raincover is virtually redundant.

The waterproof side also came in useful on our recent trip to Spain, a leaky nappy was not a problem, we simply lay the Bundlebeam down on the plane seat and got on with the flight. It was also nice and snuggly for her during what was actually a fairly chilly flight. 1062738_10151539653692746_347389477_n

My best idea was taking it to the beach wrapped up, then at the last minute I pulled it out lay it on the sand and changed both the kiddies nappies. Genius, the waterproof side also makes it sand proof so I didn’t add a bucket load of the itchy stuff to my children’s bottoms. (Ps I didn’t take a photograph of this, if you ever tried to change children out of wet clothes on a beach you’ll know why!)

I like the Bundlebean a lot and if I hadn’t been given one I would definitely have purchased it myself and have in fact shown it off to so many people at least two have bought it already.  I will be getting a second very soon so my children can have one each.


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