Adventures for woman no babies

When I lived in London it was fascinating and there was always something new to see or explore. Well half a decade on (wow that sounds like a long time) and its still as exciting as ever. Now I’m only here overnight for the Britmums Live conference but I couldn’t help reverting to form and getting a bit snap happy.


I’d forgotten how noisy it is here and it’s shocking how quickly I regressed back into my former self, eyes down, blinkers on. This is London we don’t look at each other and god forbid you smile at someone!


Yes my small town roots (erm Birmingham) were showing as I bustled through the streets using my google map app aware someone might pinch my phone any second and hurtle off on a skateboard leaving me lost and stranded.


I was getting all misty eyed as my rose tinted glasses were locked on full until I woke up the next morning.
It was raining and grey and hey presto the glasses fell off and it looked as shit as everywhere else.

Then I saw this and I couldn’t help raise a smile.



5 thoughts on “Adventures for woman no babies

  1. Lovely pics, I love going to London too, although I think it would take a far greater woman than I to go with little ones in tow! Always nice to enjoy some mummy-only time in places we love 🙂 Just found your blog after chatting on twitter (I’m @a20somethingmum) -lovely reading! x

  2. Love your photos. I worked in London for a few years and even now I get excited when I visit there. Hope you had a really brilliant time at Britmums! (The photos in my post are from Side, Turkey)

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