Who needs phonics?

My girl has watched the US programme Your Baby Can Read since she was about ten months old. She always enjoyed the songs and children, (even though I found the voices more than a little grating) but never engaged in the actions or showed any signs of….well reading. More like Your Baby Can Watch but that’s nothing new.
She has recently started re-watching it after maybe a years break and instantly enjoyed it again. At just three she appeared to be in exactly the same place, simply enjoying it and letting the educational concepts wash over her. Not a problem a break from Baby Jake’s ‘yukki yukki yukki do do de bah bah bah’ is a happy one.
So a couple of days back my mum was round to visit and the TV was muted with YBCR in the background. The girlie was stimming and flapping away at the soundless children and words.
We were chatting away when our heads snapped around so quickly we almost got whiplash. Words were appearing one at a time on the screen and then being read out! Yes read aloud by my girl, the one who has never said mama or hello. She read them out clear as day.


These words don’t mean anything and its probably just memorizing and repeating (Echolalia) but I don’t care, I think it’s all in there bubbling under the surface.
I made contact with someone this week who has an older low functioning autistic child and is certain that this is it, there is no more to expect from him. Ask me again in six years if my daughter hasn’t progressed but I (maybe naively) cannot imagine getting to the point where I don’t believe she will achieve big things.


Whatever the future holds, right now I’m enjoying these little snippets of improvement and will keep doing my job to bring them out.

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11 thoughts on “Who needs phonics?

  1. Lauren, you’re fast becoming one if my biggest inspirations – your positive parenting and can do approach is exactly what will make all the difference to your children and I wish I had as much get up and get on with it as you do. What an incredible Mum you are. X

  2. Fabulous! She’s busy at work in that wee head of hers, and I bet lots more will come out soon, or maybe not soon, but sometime in the not too distant future. Clever girl!

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