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Doing my bit…

I’m an avid recycler and read the labels on everything to make sure i’m not contaminating my green boxes.

One thing that has always bothered me is the statistics on how long it takes for nappies to fully decompose (if they ever do when enshrined in scented nappy bags.) I’m fully prepared to separate my paper, glass, plastic and tin from my usual rubbish, and I don’t mind rinsing everything out first either. I even wash out and crush tetra packs storing them up until I have enough to make a trip to the local recycling plant.

It’s fair to say that I do a moderate amount to reduce my carbon footprint and (of course) save the planet single handedly. These nappies however bug me, not all the time but often enough to look into an area where I never thought I’d glance……Cloth nappies!

I’d heard of maybe one or two mums who had gone down this route and even though they praised them, specifically the money saving aspect, I was no was inclined let alone convinced. First baby came and grew into my lovely little girl and probably millions of nappies have been sent to the landfill. Then the boy came along and 16 months passed with another half a million joining his big sisters stack.

My girl has autism and at 2 yeas and 11 months potty training is tentatively being mentioned…very tentatively! My boy can stay in nappies for a good while yet (I’m really not in any hurry!) I randomly followed the hashtag #RNW13 and by total coincidence it was for Real Nappy Week which was starting the next day. It was a sign from the almighty (Twitter bird) and after a good amount of research I ordered a set of 5 all in one nappies with a set of booster pads for night time.

Two days later they arrived and I dived in putting one on my girl that night. The overnight nappy is usually the only one I’m guaranteed no little ‘presents!’ My boy is the opposite, his morning nappies are epic and I wasn’t feeling brave so I left him in his disposable.

Well other than the fact that the reusables are bulky and make my girl look a little like a duck, I have no complaints. We’ve had no leaks at bedtime (which I can’t say for disposable) and they wash and dry so easily with the rest of my laundry that there really isn’t any hassle.

We are only part time converts right now, my girl has to wear disposables at nursery and they are really too bulky to wear under leggings but I have been recommended a few other slimmer brands so maybe I’ll have to shop around.

So far so good!

Diposable nappies saved so far = 10


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