No more moo

Remember when I was really happy that the GFCF (gluten and casein free) diet hadn’t made enough difference with my girl to carry on? Did a little happy dance while feeding her real chocolate woo hoo. Well we’re back in that territory again, albeit only half way in. Stamps foot as I put the good chocolate away resentfully in favour of the dairy free crap stuff

For four weeks my little man is to be lactose free to see if it has any effect on his constantly funny tummy. It is seriously rubbish, and the really annoying thing is that if it makes him better then its a full time switch and if it doesn’t then we have to start cutting out other things. Lose lose.

So for now there is no more moo milk for this little man which is such a shame as the soy milk he’s been given in replacement is pretty awful.

Could these children be anymore like chalk and cheese? One has a constant supply of laxatives and the other….well lets just make sure he stays well clear of of that supply!

So if anyone can point in the direction of fun soy/oat/rice recipes as buying ready made is pricy (although they aren’t half bad)


Ps This post was not sponsored by Alpro.

Pps If they’d like to sponsor us we’d be happy to oblige

Ppps Alpro….listen up, send chocolate soy milk and any pudding pots, the little mans not getting a look in here….yummy


One thought on “No more moo

  1. Tesco own brand little soya drinks in triangular packets (in a net like babybel cheese) are very nice according to my wee dairy-free man. As is their own soya cheese although it doesn’t keep as long once open as Tofutti which he prefers.

    Lidl soya milk is what we drink (much cheaper and long life so you can buy plenty) I liked the taste so much I switched, but I can’t remember how old your lad is. Has he been given the formula stuff? That was repulsive but B loved it (thank goodness)

    B is totally dairy free so ask any time if you are stuck for ideas.

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