Not quite a tribute

When I was at school (I can just about remember) I had a teacher whom I really didn’t like. We didn’t get on in the slightest and I was often brought to tears by them. Eventually a complaint was made by my mum and the situation eased although we both knew why we stayed out of each others way. Years later I found out that same teacher had died at a young age after a battle with cancer. The first thing I felt was guilt as I just had nothing good to say about her. Tributes were pouring out from my old schoolmates and I kept a steely silence. I was, of course sorry she had died, that family and friends were in mourning and as ever it brought the frailty of life into the forefront of my mind but I was not about to write my condolences on her Facebook page. One thing that I would never have even considered was feeling any joy in her passing or celebrating. What sort of person would that have made me? I wouldn’t like to imagine.

Today an old lady who has suffered ill health and dementia for years died after one final stroke. Sad right? Something to celebrate? Of course not. So imagine my horror to see people literally shouting it from the roof tops, celebrating, joking even. Did I forget to mention it was Margaret Thatcher who had passed away? Oh silly me. However I don’t understand why this should make any difference.
Yes, yes, she closed the mines and privatised everything and ruined Britain (these aren’t necessarily my views) but people seem to forget that she was voted into office…more than once! People wanted her to lead them so feel angry if you want to, but look around and feel angry towards the people who elected her.

I was born in a Thatcherite Britain and to be honest only remember thinking she was great (these are not necessarily my views now) she was a woman and she was the boss, of the whole country! If she could run the country then so could I or any of my friends, sod being a secretary or a hairdresser I could do anything! I quite obviously didn’t go into politics seeing as I pretty much only know the name of the Prime Minister, and sometimes have to think about that. However that idea of anything being possible is what I will remember, she was like an early Spice Girl , Iron Spice, girl power indeed.

So there was a large section of the country who were broken under her rein, I understand that and I sympathise but I can’t condone this celebration of her death. I didn’t celebrate Saddam Hussein’s death or Osama bin Laden’s for that matter and to compare her to those monsters would be childish. I have only voted once, and it wasn’t Tory, in case you care.

Sometimes silence speaks your point louder than you could imagine, and as I was taught at school “If you can’t say anything nice…”


6 thoughts on “Not quite a tribute

  1. Well said. The vitriol has been sickening. I totally understand how so many people harbour such deep feelings but there is a time for some basic human respect and this is it.

  2. I agree! (however, for someone who applauds women in power – can I ask why you don’t exercise your right to vote? Women died so that you would have it, and many in the world still don’t. It makes us all women of power)

    1. Thanks for the reply, in terms of general elections (which I meant) I’m not yet 30 and have lived out of the country on and off over the last five years so chose not to vote during that time. I’m not an absteiner by any means in fact I agree it’s important we exercise the right!

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