Super Secret Food


It was Easter as you all may have noticed and chocolate eggs are in abundance but not so much in the WWB household. One chocolate egg was plenty for me them to devour.

I mentioned to a friend recently that I had never had a double yolk egg and they revealed this shocking fact to their butcher who happens to sell eggs. His eggs are often frequented by double yolkers so on Easter Sunday I was presented with this beast.

20130403-115609.jpg I was assured that it would contain double the yumminess of usual eggs. He wasn’t wrong…however as I predicted one broke boo hoo!

I don’t think ever been so excited (sad but true.) now I know they are truly out their and not a cruel myth I am on the hunt for a triple!

They exist! The butcher said so!


One thought on “Eggs

  1. That really was a beast of an egg, poor chicken 😛 I’ve been told by several people that they’re supposed to be good luck. I actually got my first (and only) double yolker on the day I left for Uni, where I met my wife, started on a career path that has always been stimulating (even if not financially so) and gained a whole heap of life experience (including busking for my dinner after coordinating my first semester’s spending very badly). So maybe there’s something in it, did you notice any upsurge in luck after getting your double?

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