More messy play experiments

As its snowing (again) my mission today was to keep the kiddies busy as they can quickly turn ferrel when they don’t get out of the house.

Today’s messy play experiment came from my best friend and teacher friend Nikki, sometimes it’s the simple ones that are best (that’s the activity not my friend!)

Quarter fill a shallow dish with cornflour and pour over half a cup of water with a drop or two of food colouring in. Mix and play.

This stuff is weird it feels dry and solid then lift it up and like magic it liquid.



The boy got stuck in and inevitably tucked in but as usually the girly was nervous. She loved watching it run from my fingers and after a while…


She did get a little bit protective over the bowl but as long as she’s doesn’t kick her brother out of the way he finds it hilarious so I let the play carry on.


The great thing about this stuff is that when it dries on clothes or the carpet it goes into little, tiny, vacuum-upable balls. However we were starting to look like extras from Avatar so it was straight to the super bubbly bath.



Topped off by lots of bedroom trashing. Needless to say bedtime wasn’t too difficult which is always good news!


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