Goodnight, sleep tight

This week has seen the start of a new bedtime routine. I’m trying to keep my girl awake in the day as I’ve noticed how much easier she gets to sleep without even a short daytime nap. The only issue is that it’s taking time, and the hour or two before bed can be draining for us all. However, when she goes to sleep without hours of distress it’s a small price to pay (I have to keep reminding myself of this!)

In the meantime, my boy and I have now got a lovely little routine which includes bedtime stories! When the girl came along I thought this would never happen as she has no interest in me reading books with her whatsoever. Then again during the day neither does her brother. In the evening with his milk in our little corner of the bedroom he seems to have got to grips with sitting and looking at the books almost instantly.

We’re five nights in with the reading and we’re up to three short stories. This evening was interesting as the girl realised she could reach the light switch and we had a bit of a disco bedtime story.
I have finally managed to source and win a pushchair on eBay which I hope will help my cause to keep the girly awake as she won’t be able to sleep on the move as easily which is the place she often drops off. Photos will follow when it arrives; I just hope it lives up to the hype I’ve given it.

Can you recommend any books for a 15month old? We’re running out and I need to restock!


4 thoughts on “Goodnight, sleep tight

  1. Sounds like you’re doing so well!

    Book suggestions… Where’s Spot, Hairy McLarey from Donaldson’s Dairy, We’re going on a Bear Hunt, Each Peach Pear Plum xxx

  2. I can second We’re going on a bear hunt, my three year old loved it. Also loved Where the Wild things are, really lovely illustrations

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