Dear Daughter

Just thought I’d write you this little letter to tell you how proud I am of you this week. Not only are you getting your IEP reviewed early as you are hitting all your targets already but you seemed to have settled into nursery really well.

This week we discovered that Mama does indeed know best (although this really wasn’t in doubt) as you jumped for the first time on the trampoline with two feet and then seconds later walked over and kicked a balloon. You don’t seem totally convinced with the jumping yet as you can’t control it but you do seem to find it quite amusing. I’m sure if you read this when you’re older this won’t seem like a big deal but believe me when I say it is.

At the donkey sanctuary this weekend you sat beautifully with a straight back, feet in stirrups and didn’t even fuss about wearing a hat. Your brother will be looking up to you if you continue to blossom as you are. (His riding looks more like clinging on for sheer life but we’ll cut him some slack as he’s not even 15 months.)

We’ve even managed to come up with a way of brushing your dreadlocks hair, I can brush it ten times counting down from ten to one with a soft bristle hairbrush. It doesn’t really do much to the knots but I’m hoping it’ll get you used to the process and prevent me shaving you head.

All this progress makes me wonder what next week and next year will bring. It’s very exciting.

I hope I you enjoy the Autism Friendly showing of The Great and Powerful Oz today.

Lots of love


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