There are very few people I have met of which I have absolutely no negative memories, whom I never heard speaking badly of others (even when they deserve it) and who always seem to have a smile for you. We lost one of these people this week.
He was a husband, father, brother friend but to most he was Gee Gee, Grandad Geoff even to those who didn’t meet him until 12 years old like myself.
I’m sure he wasn’t always but to me he was the quintessential Grandad with a story just that little bit too long which you’d heard…once or twice before but you never really minded hearing again. Forgetful and (selectively) deaf he drove his family crazy and that was how we loved him.
Soon he will bring friends and family together to celebrate his life, laugh cry and share stories.
We’ll raise a glass or two and speak up x

Donations are being made to the Help Harry Help Others a local hero who touched the lives of countless people in his 11 years. Gee passed from a brain tumour like Harry on what would have been his 13th birthday. Click here to read more and donate.


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