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Film Review – Wreck it Ralph

On Sunday we went to the Autism friendly screening of Wreck it Ralph at the Birmingham Odeon with Dimensions UK. To be honest I go more for myself than my girl as she only ever watches about ten combined minutes of the film and spends the rest of the time running, climbing and exploring.

Don’t get me wrong she has lots of fun but not in the usual way but that’s her all over. Her favourite part of every film we’ve been to see are he credits and we have to annoy the staff by staying right to the death as the scrolling words fascinate her. Whatever makes you happy eh?

So back to the film. I always bring a friend along and we act like we did when we were kids munching on popcorn and relaxing knowing that A my kids are safe and B we don’t have to worry about people’s funny looks or comments when she’s spinning like a top and laughing like a loon. Usually the films are quite funny, a way to pass a couple of hours but Wreck it Ralph seemed to really strike a chord with us.

It is set inside the word of arcade games both new high definition and retro pixilated games of our youth. It felt a bit like Pantomime where the adults are laughing at jokes which fly over their children’s heads (hopefully.) With this film it was just a trip down memory lane with characters from PAC Man, Street Fighter and Sonic the Hedgehog to name a few.

The way the film was put together was also very clever, the high def characters were just that while the older ones moved in a jerky way reminiscent of old Atari graphics.

The basic story is of Ralph who is a ‘bad guy’ in his game, he decides he wants to become a hero and disaster/hilarity ensues. Along the way he meets a little girl racing car character Vanellope von Schweetz who is nicknamed ‘the Glitch’ as her character flashes (we find out this is a coding problem.)


She is a major source of the trouble he lands in but also very cute.

20130214-230503.jpgThat’s it in a nutshell. This doesn’t explain why I loved it quite so much but for that I need one of these ***SPOILER ALERT*** If you don’t want me to spoil it for you stop now however if you have a child who is different, special, unique and you want to make them feel good read on…

Vanellope is a character whose coding has been sabotaged, because of this she flickers especially when upset. The other characters in her game (a pack of Mean Girls wannabes) bully her relentlessly because of her glitch and say they don’t want her in the game. Everyone is scared that if the children (the external game players) see her glitching they won’t accept her and the game will be shut down…faulty.

Being the parent of an little girl who also has altered coding which makes her flap and spin and do several other “not accepted” behaviours, I felt for little Vanellope.


And in true Disney style she magically turns into a princess! (Boo hoo I said it was a spoiler!)

Well I was more than disappointed, no more ‘glitch’ everyone was sorry and begging for forgiveness blah blah blah. For our children this isn’t going to happen, not overnight, not by winning a prize but then many of us wouldn’t want it to either. So I was feeling all deflated until she casts aside the princess dress for her usual scruffy appearance, says she prefers the title of President….and glitches once again! Hooray! Not only that but her glitch becomes her power, something that makes her character special and the children as well as other racers ACCEPT her.



This is all we want, acceptance and understanding for our children. I’m so happy that the princess ideal and the happily ever after ideal has been cast aside for this film, we need more of them.

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