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How I fooled my kids today 12/2/13


In our house we are always breaking the rules when it comes to the food norms. I like to sneak all sorts of goodness into meals when my kiddies aren’t looking, so I thought I’d give it a go with pancakes.

We like pancakes thick and fluffy, they are scrummy and easier for little hands to grip. So the added extras, (my family always brace themselves when I do the big reveal) I added porridge oats to add a bit more substance (not too scary) then half my batter contained carrot purée and the other half beetroot purée. I kid you not, and my two kids annihilated them.

Add to bowl or blender:
150g Plain flour (wholemeal if you have it)
70g Porridge oats
2 level tbsp baking powder
2 medium eggs (or 1 large one)
250ml Milk
1tbsp vegetable oil

20130213-081931.jpg And blend til smooth, if needed add a little more milk.

20130213-082018.jpg I use a heavy based non stick pan.
Heat some oil then remove excess and turn down the heat. If you cook on too high a heat it’s hard to get the middle cooked without the outside burning.

Split your batter between two bowls and add four tablespoons of carrot to one and three tablespoons of beetroot to the other.

20130213-082732.jpgAlso add two teaspoons of vanilla to the beetroot bowl.
Fry small pancakes on a low heat, stack and serve as desired.


The fact that they are multicoloured is just a brilliant bonus!
We used Agave which is beautifully sweet but low GI mean no hyper children plus its all natural. Honey, maple syrup or sugar would also work.

20130213-082820.jpgAs they say, the proof is in the eating. And they didn’t last long!!





20130213-083020.jpg So a guilt free pancake supper in our house, we might even have Shrove Tuesday every week!

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