I Dreamed A Dream

Yes, this week I finally managed to get to see Les Miserables at the cinema and I cried like a little girl, but this isn’t about that. Last night I dreamt that my boy had fallen out of his cot and I was trying to catch him, I managed to wake myself up and reassure myself it was a dream and go back to sleep.
Then at 7.45am BANG! The little man had actually fallen out! Well of course he was beside himself, (technically he was beside the cot) sitting on the floor with a bump to the head and big fat tears tumbling down his cheeks looking defeated like the boys on their barricade. If you didn’t get the Les Mis reference then shame on you!

A bottle of milk, a cuddle and some Cheerios and boy wonder was happy once again. Thankfully he has a very protective Grandad who came round and lowered it as far as it would go.

Between his kamikaze antics and the girlie dropping the iPad on her toe it’s been a dangerous week. The toe is healing, the poor thing has been limping around and shoeless since Sunday with a very swollen, black big toe. Today she stubbed it at nursery…there was a lot of blood but its looking better, she might even be able to get shoes on tomorrow hallelujah. Perhaps all the judgey mums will stop tutting at a child not wearing shoes ‘in this weather’ and I can stop having to restrain myself from throwing a juice cup at them.

So between the bumps and bruises the girl started a morning session at nursery which was painful for me. Getting both children up, nappies changed, fed, medicated, dressed and out for 8.45 required mucho preparation and caffeine. Actually the caffeine may have been a mistake as at 8.15 I was pacing around, ready to go and had to resort to watching Daybreak. Lorraine and Aled? No, just no.

Her session went well and it was nice for her to come out happy and not half asleep. In other news we’ve been round and round in circles trying to get anything in place for my girl therapy wise. It’s been 5 months since her diagnosis and other than her IEP being written nothing has happened. As it happens we have a great health visitor who just doesn’t take no for an answer and has called on Ed Psych who have now agreed to accept her referral which will mean starting the statementing process will be more straight forward. A speech and language therapist is coming on Monday and a teacher from the communication course run at the CDC was round today in her words “teaching me to suck eggs.”

Eughh….honestly people say children should come with a manual but I think autistic children should come with a satnav so you can navigate yourself around the layers of waiting lists, bureaucracy and basically crap that we seem to have to deal with.

I’ll never give up fighting to get what my girl deserves and I’ll never want to but it’s always good to have a moan here and there. Every time we get even the slightest improvement, eye contact, a new word, an unrequested sign of affection it’s like Christmas Day.

There’s no such thing as a lazy Autism Parent…I wish there was God damn it.

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3 thoughts on “I Dreamed A Dream

  1. I wish I could offer words of wisdom or a light at the end of the tunnel, but sadly its a constant fight to get support for sn children. I have been through Statementing process for my son, the most important input is yours, so make sure you write your views, include Everything ! Xx

    1. It’s just terrible that something like autism which is becoming such a major issue yet is so badly organised! We should be able to focus on our children not paperwork and phone calls!

  2. I know several mums with children who are autistic and they’ve said the same thing about trying to get statements and support. One friend had to really fight to get her son into a SEN school after the mainstream school he was at wanted to make him repeat Reception year. She was successful eventually so I say hang in there and good luck! X

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