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Messy Play (for children who taste!)

My girl has always been the type to taste all the wrong things. When we lived in Spain the beach was the last place you’d find us as she had a fondness for eating sand…by the handful.

I originally allowed her to taste it thinking one taste would be enough to put her off. Wrong. Now she has added soil to her list although I will admit she is nowhere near as bad as a year ago.

It seems to be a way of understanding her surroundings, it’s quite primitive really. Dogs do it and babies also, but we expect them to grow out of it. Yesterday we went for a walk in the park, as we approached the stream the ground had puddles dotted about, instinctively she bent down, touched the water and tasted it. Not ideal but at two years old I don’t thing it’s too alarming either.

Sandpits, play dough, felt tips, paint are all sucked, licked and basically not used in the correct way. My boy is 13 months so its expected that he still gums things to test them out so trying to find edible sensory play items is my new mission.

Whipped cream is the current favourite, my boy loves it he squirts it straight into his mouth and finds it hilarious.



My girl is more cautious, it took three play sessions before she’d really get involved but she did and eventually enjoyed it. Hooray!



Sprinkles adds texture, colour and flavour




It’s cheap and definitely cheerful!



…and then some people take it too far!!!


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