Monkey Business

There is a new little chap on the scene who has become my girls new favourite toy and he is already causing trouble. Well, I say he’s new but he actually moved in almost a year ago but was never really played with…. until now.

Any self respecting toddler parent will recognise this cheeky monkey as Yojojo, star of Waybuloooooooo.

20130203-123411.jpg He talks and plays a little tune when you press it’s stomach. It’ oversized head is like a brick, yet it has become the toy of choice at bedtime leaving poor Gene the Giraffe left out in the cold.
Yesterday the original cheeky monkey snuck her new friend out of the house and into the car when we visited the special needs toy library. She still clung to it as we went into the church hall and she happily played with it ignoring all the other toys *sigh.*
Happily that was until another little girl took an interest and somehow managed to loosen my girl’s grip of Yojojo just long enough to grab it and run. For a while my girl was very brave and with lots of praise for listening to “Bethany’s turn.” She watched Yojojo like a hawk but she didn’t snatch. Phew!
Soon Yojojo was left lying forgotten on the church floor, I took the opportunity to snatch him up myself and stash him away out of sight. Feeling pleased that chaos was averted I carried on perusing the sensory toys. That was until Bethany started frantically looking for Yojojo and getting very distressed. Her dad was preoccupied drinking tea while I could have done with him distracting her.
This was a lose-lose situation, if I let her have the toy then my girl would freak out but in the meantime….. While I stood debating which child to upset my girl discovered the hidden stash and ran with it straight into the arms of a much bigger boy (who I think has severe ASD) who also liked the look of Yojojo! He grabbed it off a now squealing pair of little girls and proceeded to start biting it.
Luckily his mum was on the ball and took him away to calm him down. The girls were not so easily distracted and the screams were reaching ear piercing volume. Yojojo was stored away in the kitchen and eventually, after a few too many custard creams were doled out, peace resumed.
I almost left the most popular monkey in North Warwickshire and quickly had to dash back to collect it. Relieved, I turned round to hand it to my girl who had followed me in….it was Bethany!….epic fail, luckily her dad was on scene to pick her up while we escaped quickly.


20130203-132309.jpg His rabbit sister Lau Lau isn’t quite as popular


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