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The diet of a hibernating autistic princess

Last week was just bizarre, the snow caused chaos, we were trapped in the house missing nursery and other activities, shopping wasn’t bought and because of this the freezer was emptied. Who knew all this food was hidden, waiting patiently beneath my fridge. Sausages, bacon, chicken, prawns and an assortment of Tesco bargains; potato cakes and pancakes marked down to 9p then quickly chucked into hibernation.

They were all the things I put in there for “a rainy day” well this was worse than rain, it was snow. Everything came out and was cooked and most shockingly eaten. Now it’s no secret that I like to eat and my little man will eat me under the table, but my girl is a different story. Her diet is dry, beige and not particularly nutritious.

Bananas and raisins have thankfully made the cut and she will break her dry food only rule with yogurts and dip (ketchup, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce.) I can hear people gasping already (the autistic mamas are gasping at her wide and varied diet and the non-autistic mamas are shocked that I’m giving in and letting her eat her limited diet) I don’t ‘give in’ to her at all. Breakfast and lunch are mainly bread based which is quite normal and at dinner she gets what we eat. I will always include something for her whether it be bread, potato waffle etc. I don’t pander to her and she doesn’t complain, if she doesn’t want it she doesn’t eat it. There is no dragging me to he kitchen and crying by the biscuits she simply doesn’t eat.

This is us, take or leave it. The two imps sit at the table and the boy demolishes his food in record time then looks longingly at his sisters usually untouched plate.

Everyday, except this week. Three days in a row I have returned to the table to see my girl not only trying her food but actually eating it! Ok some days she has sat with it in front of her for 40 minutes before it passed her lips but who cares? She ate.


Yesterday I thought I’d blow caution to the wind and mix it up a bit. My boy loves porridge (then again he loves most things) but I rarely cook it as its a trauma with my girlie. Yesterday however I was feeling brave after my Week Of Three Dinners (that’s its official name from now on.)

So the porridge was made but I knew I had to do something to entice her so….

20130127-110052.jpg Chocolate sprinkles it was. Of course she tried to get them off without touching the porridge but inevitably it proved too difficult

20130127-110222.jpg “hmm maybe Abney and Teal are right about this stuff”

20130127-110405.jpg “Princess Holly is missing a trick using a spoon!

Who knows if it’ll last? The snow has all gone this morning I just hope her appetite hasn’t gone with it.

That night she went on to eat a fish finger! Who is this child and where did she come from?

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