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The big thaw

20130126-005557.jpg The icicles are starting to melt thank heavens, those things give me the creeps. I’m sure one is going to fall down and kill me like the broken glass scene in Ghost. Hopefully I’d get the bright beams and not the scary black screamy things.

I’m crossing my fingers and my toes that the snow has passed for this year. I couldn’t walk on the pavement today, the pushchair was out of control on the ice and I was being sliding along behind like a lunatic.

Finally got hold of the speech therapy office today, the receptionist covered the receiver (with no effect) and asked her colleague, “Do we do Autistic children here?” Obviously I am now filled with confidence so I left my details and am waiting with bated breath for them to call back early next week. We’ll see… They don’t realise their office is at the end of my street so they can try and ignore me, lets see how well that goes for them!

Occupational therapy is next on my list and then the Earlybird parent training which I found out about from another blogger It’s all just go, go, go being an autism mama.

1 in 88 people are now thought to have ASD yet we still as parents have to practically beg for the right help for our children. Today my anger has flared and quelled more than once with frustration over the situation.

Hopefully by next week the landscape of the street will look clearer and so will the path to getting the right help for my girl.

For now it’s up to me…


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6 thoughts on “The big thaw

  1. Its horrible how much they ignore the fact that early intervantion is critical to our children. This gets me down more than anything else in the situation….you are doing the right thing advocating and chasing for your little one. I will share with you any future things i may find as we re on the same boat x

  2. Don’t worry same here, everyone said I should have focused more on the worst day rather than an average. I got middle rate and no mobility as she doesn’t qualify til 3yo. Did you say she sleeps? I said she did but didn’t really mention it takes her hours, have been told that’s why I didn’t get higher rate. Tbh I was happy with middle rate!

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