My baby Mozarts, maybe

Every night I put my boy to bed and turn Classic FM on the radio. Originally we started with a Christmas CD but it wasn’t long enough and would end shortly after I took my girl up to bed.

We need music to drown out what can be hours of my girls ‘singing’ and noisy toys she has to take to bed. The radio seems to have had rather a miraculous effect on my son who would previously scream like a child possessed when I left him in lovely comfy his cot with milk and soft toys (he has a very hard life,) but now goes off generally without too much fuss. The soothing tones of the Classic DJ’s have worked their magic.


I know many people believe that children who listen to classical music are smarter, maybe this is true, maybe they’ll just sound smarter at their next mums and toddler sessions when they request the group sing the finale from Cosi can Tutte rather than Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.



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