I want to break free-ee

Yes, it’s day six of house arrest. The food has gone and the freezer is finally bare. Somehow it’s still snowing over Sutton Coldfield. Wednesday is mums and toddlers group and the children really need to get out and trash a space that isn’t mine. They are starting to look a bit tribal and are definitely acting it. The group is over the road. That’s not an exaggeration, it’s quite literally across the street. I can see them setting up and oooh the bouncy castle is up.

The thing that I hate about going out is setting up the pram as it’s too wide to fit through my door so I have to do it out side, whatever the weather. And today it’s snowing. That’s usually the worst part, doing this was today’s worst part.

I had to dig us out, actually that would have been easy, no I had to sweep us out. With a broom! Could I be any less prepared??

It took 35 minutes to get across the road. You can see the church in the photograph!

Anyway, we made it. My girls hair wasn’t brushed and she may or may not have been wearing a pyjama top. The little man looked pretty smart, I have no idea how that happened. I got let off the fee til next week as I rocked up with a 2€ coin rather than a £2, shame.

It was very quiet which wasn’t surprising and a bit of a relief as I usually spend the whole time dashing between two rooms and often lose both of them. My boy was very well behaved and was overjoyed that snack was jam butties!


Even the girl sat next to home for a little while. I think they were being well behaved in case I locked them up for another week.


Anyone who says the snow is fun has never tried to push a double buggy through it! Seriously now weather men send it away.

This did make me laugh though. In fact seeing this made my expedition across the road worth it.



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