Cabin Fever

So we are on day four of house arrest due to the weather and cabin fever kicked in a while back. To everyone who wished for snow (and isn’t a teacher on a snow day) I bet you’re not laughing now. It’s still snowing in the Midlands, how? How is there anything left?

My girl missed nursery on Friday and she’ll miss gymnastics today as pushing the double pushchair through this snow would be impossible. I miss talking to humans who actually talk back.

My day basically consists of trying to stop the children from killing each other over toys they don’t actually want to play with. Yesterday it got bad, real bad. I’d just decided to leave them to get on with it while I snook a hot chocolate in the kitchen and let them live out their own mini version of the hunger games in the lounge.

By the timely Tassimo had filled my cup I’d realized my error, the longer I left them the more mess I’d inevitable have to clear up. After three days of lock up the toys had lost their appeal, crayons simply sneered at and well, playdough had just become a snack. The worst though was Toy Story (albeit 1,2 and 3) on repeat and it was about to tip me over the edge. A bit like the original Woody/Buzz window scenario….. I digress proving the point that the tv needed to be turned off.

I went cold turkey, tv and Sky remote, iPad and iPhone were banished to kitchen. The children obviously though I had lost my mind (as was my concern.)

Enter “Mums Wonder Bag” also know as “Mums Bag of Crap.”


20130121-112202.jpg I got a good half hour of peace (peace being defined as no whining, squealing or Mrs Potato Head.)

When these started to lose their appeal we made a slide out of the (redundant) toy box lid and then a bridge. There were still squabbles and pushing as they’d both attempt to climb up the one metre high slide at the same time but for that hour it was playful and less ear-bleedy for me.

It’s 11.30am, I think it’s Monday, the Children aren’t dressed and Woody is hatching his plan to break the toys out of Sunnyside. The bag is getting brought out any minute.

Thank god I have a good stock of coffee, although if Tesco don’t deliver my shopping tomorrow cannibalism may set in.

Singing off


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