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Easy as 123

Yes it’s snowing, more like a blizzard blah blah blah but the snow can fizzle away into insignificance for all I care as this morning my girl who is still classified as non verbal said 1,2,3!!!

And then I dropped to the floor in shock. Actually that’s a lie, what I actually did was say yes that’s right 1,2,3 not actually believing she really said it. Half an hour later I said 1 and lo and behold there was a definite tu sound followed by eeee.

This is such a big deal I can’t even put it into words. Not only is this an understandable sound but THREE WORDS! How we progress from here I have no idea and I’ll research that later but for now I want to celebrate and sing and dance with my clever little girl.

I know for sure now that all the time she has been spending on that bloody annoying Montessori numbers game has paid off and anyone who still doubts the power of the iPad are just kidding themselves.

So snow? What snow? It feels awful sunny over here 🙂

Update, later that day she also said 5, 6 it’s like Christmas has come again xxx





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