Stomach bugs R Us

You know you officially love your child because they throw up on you (babies not included) and you don’t cut them out of your life.

Tonight it was my girls turn to epically hurl except she chose to do it while sitting on my lap…on the sofa. Needless to say everything and everyone were covered. I think I can safely diagnose this (with my in depth medical knowledge vis google) as a stomach bug. Luckily soon after being sick she was back to her usual self. I actually knew she was ill (although i suspected a return of the dreaded tonsillitis,) and was just debating taking her to the doctors in the morning when the volcano erupted.

Thankfully I was able to quickly enlist my mum to come round and help the clean up operation as it obviously occurred at the most convenient of times….bedtime.

I’m asking everyone to cross everything and wish me luck because if this is a pattern then I’m next *insert dramatic dun dun duuun* and that is really, really not ok!

In other news my little man hasn’t been sick today (silver lining if a very slim one.) We also adopted another autism mama to come to mums and tots. I met her online, not I’m a creepy way, and its nice to have someone there who knows the score. Although I probably should inform her of the sickness and hope she still wants to know us :-/

So, as we do everyday we’re taking the rough with the smooth and praying for no sick mama in the morning.

I might start carrying a bucket around with me just in case :-/


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