Another day

Today my girl attempted bouncing. We were at mums and toddlers and she was on the trampette. Usually she just does a kind of run but hasn’t worked out how to actually bounce.
I even took her to a trampolining once but she tried to bounce straight legged which doesn’t exactly work. Today however, for about 20 seconds she bounced holding my hands with just the slightest knee bend. Everything is progress, she did it, so she can, she just needs to remember next time.

She has also learned to drink out of a sports bottle this week (18month style) which is another positive and today she actually drank a fruit shoot from the bottle. Strange things we autism parents get excited by isn’t it?

Her brother broke the stylus I just bought before I managed to use it, unravelled a whole kitchen roll and then threw all his dinner on the floor. He went to baby jail.

Good job he’s cute.


Comments and shares welcome 🙂


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