My Little Man in the Stripey Suit

Well, not so little anymore I guess. He is, (and I get told this often) a proper little boy. I think he’s actually more of a thug than a boy but that’s just my opinion.
He is gorgeous and funny and makes a hilarious ooooh sound when he see something new…or food. Speaking of food, he literally eats like a horse. A couple of days ago he had two and a half crumpets for breakfast! He is twelve months old!! He is everyone’s friend and really the only person that has upset him was Santa, understandable. He adores his sister and doesn’t stand any of her (I have autism and don’t like YOU near me) business. He thinks she is hilarious, unfortunately she doesn’t get the joke.

So thats all the good stuff out of the way. This boy is an absolute menace, he tears the house apart and he does it with ease. All the parents moaning that “the trouble starts” when their kids get up and walk at 12, 13 even 14 months can do one. Ths boy got up and started trashing the place at nine months after taking a couple of tentative steps at 8 months. I had a holiday with my girl walking at 13 months and this is my punishment. He climbs, he runs, he pulls furniture off the walls, dismantles lamps and carries them around the house talking down anything in his path. There is only one solution and he hates it, baby prison!

I had this for my girl and never thought it’d see the light of day until I finally listed it on eBay but it’s out. At present he hates gates, doors being closed, being put in his cot, pram, car seat or anything which even slightly blocks his path of destruction. He screams and I mean that painful “makes your ears bleed” kind of scream every time I put him in it but at least I know when i pop to the loo its because he’s angry and not because there’s a bookcase lying on top of him. *Sigh*

I did catch him chilling out slightly in there today and lounging on a cushion, until he saw me, jumped up and started shaking the bars violently before pulling his jumper off in frustration. He is definately a drama queen but at least when he’s locked up I can just laugh and not have full on baby attack making me spill my coffee 😉

NB: He is not in there all day

NB2: I try not to call it prison, or cage in conversation at mums and toddlers as it’s not looked on favorably :-O

Comments and Shares welcome 🙂


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