The pressure of the holidays

My girl like many toddlers is tv/iPhone/iPad obsessed. Getting her to focus on anything else is difficult


It’s difficult to know where her toddler behaviour and ends and her autism starts. Is she strumming while she plays the same games over and over or just numbing her brain? I’m careful to chose games with a learning aspect including music, drawing and Montessori apps for the iPad.


20130107-000909.jpgThe Christmas break has been tough in a way, I got so used to her get lots of external stimulation from nursery, gymfants and mums and toddler groups. The holidays mean its down to me. We’ve had a few painting sessions with varying success and levels of focus.



As well as a bit of sand play and some less successful playdough which I posted about previously. Anyway it’s back to gymfants tomorrow hurrah so I can breath a sigh of relief knowing at least part of her day is being filled positively.


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