My boy turned one. I cried, over a cake!


He loved his monkey


20121223-095232.jpg The drum went down well.

20121223-095411.jpg As did Nemo.


20121223-095612.jpg The baby Dyson was an inspired idea. He enjoyed his day out at the ball pit >

and then I had to prep for the party. Who knew it could be so stressful!
For weeks I have been honing the ideas for his cake. His older sister had a toy story themed cake which I was very happy with as a first attempt. I had mentally designed his cloudbaby themed cake with matching cupcakes and was excited if slightly apprehensive to start. The apprehension comes from the fact I have had some MAJOR baking catastrophes as of late and I had begun to doubt my ability to even make a basic sponge.

I started early so if it needed redoing I plenty of time…it did. I tried to make a rainbow cake. The colours looked amazing however it tasted awful as it didn’t rise and had a distinct chewiness. Take two was the same and I was an emotional wreck. Time was ticking away, I had no cake and was throwing my toys out of the pram saying it was a cake baked by me or none at all. Childish I know.

Anyway long story cut short, I was advised to try making the same mix and cook it another oven at my mums house. Lo and behold the cake rose perfectly five minutes before the party started. Hmmm no time to ice, cloudbabies flew away and all we had time for was icing, a very interesting if slightly rough design and a big coat of shimmer spray to cover it up made it totally decent.

20121222-231747.jpg Maybe it didn’t look (anything) like I had planned but it tasted nice and at least it’s not my cake recipe that’s faulty….just my oven phew 😉









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