I asked for a word….

A few days ago I asked for a word for Christmas. I said that I wasn’t fussed what the word was or which child it came from. Last night my girl delivered and she delivered in her own unique style. For a while she has been copying sounds making us all say “Did she just say?” However last night whilst playing there was no doubt. We were playing head, shoulders, knees and toes where she likes to put my hands on my own head and shoulders (as I said, her own style!) I sang “Head, shoulders…” but after the fifth time I got distracted by something else when I heard a very clear “kneeeeee.” Well you can imagine the praise and celebration and then inevitable frustration when she wouldn’t repeat the act leaving me thinking maybe it was a fluke as one of her favorite noises to make is weeee.

Later my Mum and Step-dad were round and I of course relayed the story with my Mum also relaying the time she thought she said “Logan no” amongst other things. I decided to have another go and after a couple of times of “Head, shoulders…. (dramatic pause)” there was another definite “kneeeeee.”

So, ok I guess I wasn’t expecting knee to be her first proper word. In this case I’m not counting hooray which she says all the time as to be honest I’m not even sure its a word and she no longer says it contextually. In fact I can hear her lying in bed saying “ray, ray rayyyy.”

So, knees! Amazing, Merry Christmas xx


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