My autistic daughter is only 2 and a half but the difference I see between her and her peers is huge. Most don’t notice until they have reason to get to know her. The thing that upsets me most is her dislike of her younger brother who turns 1 next week. He adores her but she cannot stand him being near her, touching her and even has an issue sometimes with me saying his name.

I know this is a ‘typical’ autistic trait but I need to believe that there can be improvement in the situation given her age. If anyone has any ideas, imput, tactics or miracles I’d be more than happy to hear it.




One thought on “Heartbreaking

  1. Hello

    There is 16 months between my boys. My oldest had an autism diagnosis and what you describe is exactly what it was like for us. The good news is… It’s a lot better now so there is no reason it won’t be for you too.

    Things I tried to do to help were:

    Always sit between them – if your daughter doesn’t like touch from her brother it won’t harm him to know this now and may relieve some of her stress. It can be really gentle ‘don’t touch’ then given something like a cuddly toy – obviously that only works when you are on hand.

    Does your daughter have a special interest ? My big boy loves whales so we made sure he always had a baby brother whale to play with too.

    Persist – its really really hard and there will be times you think it’s not worth trying anymore but if you can get them on the floor together doing something – but either side of you – or will help your daughter get used to him.

    I think what my son needed to know was that we were on his side – we were going to ‘protect’ him from his brother but not by shutting his brother out.

    I’m sorry if this isn’t helpful – as all our children are so different there is never one answer but it really will improve. It’s such a difficult age anyway. If you’d like to tell me more about it or have any questions about other things we did please feel free.

    Lots of love xxxx

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