This week must get better!

My girl has been ill, and by ill I mean lying lifeless in bed except when she cries out in pain since Sunday. An appointment at the doctors proved as traumatic as I expected as the doctor had to forcibly open her mouth to check her throat while I held her still. This resulted in her gagging, screaming and crying which was just awful.

The diagnosis was a water infection which will just work its way out. Great. I could’ve not bothered putting her through all this trauma. No medicine, no magic cure.

This morning thankfully she has woken up without a temperature (it keeps spiking to 38/101) but she looks so sad. Half a syringe of honey and lemon linctus, a syringe of Calpol and a few swigs of milk and she’s back to sleep.

Me and the boy both have colds but thankfully we’ve warded off the ‘water infection.’ I’m hoping as the day goes on she’ll feel brighter as you always feel worst in the morning.

My idea of a present everyday for advent has gone out of the window so far and the chocolates have all been eaten…mainly by me as I can’t get out of the house to get a coffee. If anyone fancies bringing me one a skinny vanilla latte from Costa would be superb.

Onwards and upwards eh!


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