Tuesday 27th November

So my girl is nicely settled into nursery now and her appetite has rocketed since I started charting what she’ll eat and working more around that. She only has two more university appointments left now and I look forward to seeing the before and after style videos to see what improvement there is.

Seeing your child everyday meand improvement is hard to see, it’s like watching them grow, you can only do it from a distance. There are little things I notice, I’m sure her eye contact is improved and sometimes when we play together she will mimic my smile. I know to many it sounds so subtle but to an ASD parent it’s a milestone.

I have been able to tie her hair back this week, even getting a ponytail in the last two days. This IS a big deal as she’s spent the last month looking like a hippy freaking out at the sight of hairbrush, clip or band.

Gymnastics is new, both her and her brother take classes back to back and she is loving it. The teacher really understands her needs and often works one and one with her. Her fearless nature goes in her favour here although directing her to do anything (stand still, arms up, sit down etc) is virtually impossible. She took to the beam like a pro and teacher even commented on how good her balance is!! This girl falls over her own feet constantly but hey ho. Backward rolls/the teacher flipping her went down well and swinging from the bar was enjoyed.

I’m glad I’ve found some thing she enjoys that’s active and has a bit of direction (even if she tries to ignore that bit.)

The boy is growing fast, he’ll be one just before Christmas and I’m looking forward to planning his party and cake etc. He’s a bit clingy at the moment and HATES being left on his own which is fun. He also has a gymnastics class but I don’t think he’s getting much from it do I’m thinking of swapping to swimming….it’s just so brrrrrr.

This is part of my ‘make more quality time with the boy’ plan. I think your second nevers gets the same shower of attention as your first but when they are a sibling of a child with any special needs it gets even harder. Now that his sister is in nursery for six hours we can focus on mama and son time. He’s so clever taking his first steps at 8 months and perfecting the skill at nine. It seems like he’s been walking forever now.

I took the brave step to move them into my bedroom together and I’ve gone into the box room. The room is huge for them meaning it works as a playroom as well. So far so good, they have slept well and even when they have woke up they haven’t upset the other which was my fear. The house feels so much better now and I’m so relieved moving is off the table.

Tomorrow is my birthday, we’re eating cake…after our busy day. How did I go from doing nothing everyday to having packed schedule of kids stuff monday to Friday and two Saturdays a month jeez!








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