Angry rant…

We take at least four train journeys a week, usually more. Every time I am annoyed at the fact that my pushchair won’t fit into the ‘disabled’ section. I tweeted London Midland about this and this was the conversation:

@LondonMidland find it really annoying that the entrance to the disabled section is too small for my pushchair!

@LondonMidland: @supersecretfood The disabled seating area is designed to allow access for wheelchairs. Space is limited i’m afraid

@supersecretfood: @LondonMidland I understand that but I have a disabled child which is why I need a double. Having to shove my kids up by the bin is v unfair

@LondonMidland: @supersecretfood I appreciate that but we really do only have so much space on the train. We have restrictions for wheelchair sizes too



The fact that this section is mostly frequented by bikes also annoys me! If you have a bloody bike then use it! I spend my whole journey moving the pram out of people way and either standing or sitting on the edge of the closest seat.

London Midland this is ridiculous, there are two glass panels either side of the entrance which could be removed to help people like myself and evidently people with big wheelchairs?!


I get the train because I don’t fit on buses and before people tell me I should get a phil and ted style pram I already had one. My little boy hated being on the bottom and would cry and cry. Putting my toddler on the bottom was a disaster as she’d kick the seat in front so hard the baby almost flew out.
Smaller side by sides don’t work as my daughters autism means she can’t have her brother too close and this is the only one with a single pram feel.

So I guess it’s bins or nothing for us. Thanks London Midland!

Sort it out! Rant over


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