Super Secret Food

How I fooled my kids 24/11/12

The easiest, healthiest and best icecream recipe ever…. as long as you like banana

Honestly this couldn’t be easier, it couldn’t be healthier and it will win over adults as well as the kiddies!

You know those black spotted bananas that you find in the cupboard after you put them there to ripen and then forgot about? Don’t chuck them away, chuck them into the freezer overnight then tomorrow you can make the most delicious ice cream.

Next day
Take bananas out of the freezer. Cut into three and slice the skins off, chuck the banana into a food processor and blend.

Hey presto! Banana ice cream (minus the cream) it sounds too simple but trust me its fab. My little boy actually cried when I said ‘all done.’

Add your own twist, peanut butter, chocolate chips, cinnamon or just plain and simple!


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