Food Diary

Here lies the food diary of my 2.5year old daughter. The struggles I have with her eating can be read here as well as in many other posts both here on womanwithbaby and on my food blog Supersecretfood

Right that’s the shameless self promotion bit out of the way. Here it is, wish us luck as we journey into the unknown….

Monday 19th November
Porridge with raisins and half a crumpet
Porridge was left, some raisins were picked out of the porridge then discarded. The crumpet was left until 20 minutes later when she munched it away. After that she found the bag of sultanas and went crazy!

Whole wheat pitta with sugar free peanut butter
This was devoured, more than she ate all week, crazy!

One and a half oat and raisin biscuit

Crispy breaded chicken fillet with peas
Most of the chicken was eaten the peas may as well have not been there

Good day!

Tuesday 20th November
Today was a bit of a mess really, all the unexpected food that was eaten yesterday gave my little girl tummy ache. I’ve actually never seen her that upset before but I guess these are the changes her body needs to go through.

One slice of toast and squash
No problems

Didn’t happen, this was when her tummy seemed the worst and eating wasn’t really on her mind. Later on she ate a Panettone from Costa which she loves.

This consisted of cheese and poppy seed straws (bought from Waitrose not made!) and sliced potatoes with a teeny bit of grated cheese.
She managed to not pick all of the cheese off which is success, dry foods really are her favourites

Fresh banana ice-cream
Loved it, a healthy end to the day!

Supersecretfood recipes

Wednesday 21st November

One Weetabix with milk and honey
One slice of toast with butter
All eaten and enjoyed, a bit annoyed with myself that I forgot about Weetabix for so long, sometimes I guess you can’t see the wood for the trees!

Peanut butter sandwiches and a banana packed lunch.


Half a packet of crisps
Need I comment?

Breaded fish with mashed potato
Well she ate the breading, probably the least desirable part of the dish but hey ho!

Thursday 22nd November

Pink porridge
Instantly pushed away but eventually curiosity got the better of it and she ate the whole bowl with her hands!


Half a banana, slice of toast and some dried apricots.
Toast eaten, apricots ignored and I thought the banana was eaten too until she came hone from nursery three hours later, lifted up a cushion and ate her stash :-/

Today she returned from nursery ravenous, even her banana stash wasn’t enough. She shared a packet of crisps with her brother along with another banana, two fairy cakes, a handful of dates (new food) and is currently munching on chickpea popcorn.


Friday 23rd November

2 slices wholemeal toast

Dates, one banana, raisins (I’d imagine at nursery snack), half a savoury cheese cake
This was one long graze session spread over four hours and probably contributed to her falling asleep at nursery :-/

Half a savoury cake, two sausages and ketchup followed by a big pot petit fromage frais
Pretty much everything was eaten which is a great success. I might even try and sneak some veg on tomorrow’s plate


Saturday 25th November

2 Weetabix with honey, later followed by a slice of toast.
Eaten nicely with no issues yippee

Piece of cake and a banana

Late Lunch
Hmmmm this was a bit naughty but it is the weekend. McNuggets and fries or should that be McFries? Anyway she ate and ate but that’s not so surprising.

3 Fig rolls

2 slices of toast with jam.
Not an ideal dinner but caught on the spot at nannies house it filled a gap. So no veggies today but we live in hope 🙂

Sunday 25th November

One slice of wholemeal toast with butter

Half a banana, breadsticks with cheese spead
All eaten and enjoyed

Petit Filous big pot

Nachos with salsa and cheese and chicken kebabs
very surprised that the kebabs were eaten and she got to grips with them being on a stick really quickly

20121126-095259.jpgThe nachos were munched but only the ones with no cheese or salsa on. Shocker!



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