Nursery times

I decided to apply for early nursery funding (at almost two and a half) for my girl in an effort to improve her socialisation amongst other skills. I have this real belief from nowhere other than my own mind that nursery will have big effect on her. I have seen with Bella’s therapy at university that she works better without me and is less hyper. I am her comfort blanket but sometimes you can get too comfortable and don’t move forward.

Another bonus is that her little brother will get a bit of time to himself. He loves his sister and wants to do everything she does, this doesn’t go down well and I have flash forwards to what it’s like having sulky teenagers clashing. They basically dance around the living room in a constant game of unpleasant tag.

We have be granted funding for 15 hours a week until shes three at the rnd of May but are starting off with just six hours, Thursday and Friday afternoons as she still has two university training sessions a week and I don’t want to overwhelm her. Hopefully in January she can pick up another afternoon or two and be a proper nursery girl.

Her nursery is very quiet in the afternoon with only about seven children with three teachers. This means all the children get lots of attention.

I bought her her own little uniform:


She was very excited (to be outside, she had no idea where she was going.)


I stayed for her first session. She played in the sandpit for an hour and a half pouring sand everywhere (mainly over her own head.) It’s fair to say she was hyper and after an hour and forty five minutes she had to go home as she was crashing.


The next day I dubiously took her along with the idea of dropping her off.


The idea turned into a reality when the door opened and she bolted through and away into the playroom without looking back. Bye.

Two hours later I picked her up praying she didn’t spend the whole time emptying the sandpit. She didn’t, phew. The teacher said she had got on well and had been interacting with her via a ball. She was sitting down at the table with a couple of little boys when I got there having snack ie milk and a mountain of raisins.

She turned, saw me, smiled and ran over to be picked up. This was a first and I loved it. If this is a result of nursery it’s already a success.



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