Super Secret Food

How I fooled my kids today 7/11/12

Fruity Flapjacks

Ok so flapjacks are one of those “health foods” that when you check the nutritional info are actually Not that healthy. So there is a fair old whack of butter in this recipe but I’ve replaced the usual golden syrup for Agave which is natural and doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes. I’ve also omitted the use of any other sugar or sweeteners.

On the whole I think it’s pretty good, a bit of fat in moderation won’t hurt and the oats and dried fruit mean this can be a breakfast option as well as a snack.


100g butter
5tbsp Agave/honey/golden syrup
150g porridge oats
40g raisins/dried apricots/dried fruit
75g fresh blueberries (optional)


Heat butter and Agave in a pan then mix in all the other ingredients.
Grease an oven dish or line with grease proof paper and press all the mixture into it and bake for 20minutes or until the edges start to brown.
Wait for it to completely cool. refrigerating if possible then cut it into pieces and store in an air tight tin.


Bella 10/10
Logan 10/10
Me 10/10


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