Super Secret Food

How I fooled my kids today 28/10/12

Black and blue braised pork steak

These black and blue steaks are in fact neither colour (sorry to disappoint.) They do start out a beautiful purple colour which reminded me briefly of Bridget Jones’ blue soup. Unfortunately they don’t stay they colour but instead turn a dark sticky brown.


75g blackberries
75g blueberries
Approx 1l boiled water
Handful of spinach
1tsp sugar
2 pork steaks

Try and pick steaks that have a good amount of fat running through them as this makes them nice and tender.

1) Add the berries to a pan with a little water and fry until all the juices come out.
2) Add the spinach and the sugar and simmer.
3) Remove from heat and blend until smooth.
4) Put the steaks and sauce in a heavy pan and cover on a low heat.
5) Keep adding water so as to not let the steaks boil dry.

The longer you can cook the steaks for the more tender they will be, I like to cook for a minimum of a couple if hours and longer if time allows.

Serve with a potato of your choice and coleslaw.


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