Super Secret Food

How I fooled my kids today 26/10/12

Tomato soup

This soup is thick and warming, it makes you feel happy on a winters (or indeed summers) evening. The fact it’s bursting with goodness is a bonus.

Around 20 tomatoes quartered
2 red onions chopped
4 cloves of garlic
250ml vegetable stock
Splash of Worcestershire sauce (optional)

Put all the tomatoes, onions and garlic into an oven tray or two, splash over some worcestershire sauce and bake until everything goes mushy.
Place the tomato mixture into a blender bit by bit adding in the stock a drop at a time.
Blend until smooth then pass through a sieve.
Reheat and serve.

Serve with a few sprigs of basil, a grating of cheese or a scattering of crispy bacon.


Place all ingredients into a pan and cook until everything is soft, approx 20-30 minutes. Leave to cool and then use a hand blender to break down the chunks before passing through a sieve.



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