Food journey so far

So as you probably know I have two children, 28 month old Bella who has recently been diagnosed with autism and 9 month old Logan. Bella is the reason I started the blog as her fussiness is now attributed not only to toddler issues but also to food sensitivity meaning she processes the way she perceives food differently. Touch, sight and often just plain stubbornness meant dinner times were becoming more of a minefield than a pleasurable family occasion.

The foods Bella will eat happily are limited and limited to really all the things you never really want to feed your children but reach for in a crisis. Chips, nuggets, toast, yogurts, cake, biscuits, banana and raisins all make the ‘good’ list. Meat, vegetables, fruit, most things that you use a spoon or fork with are pushed away on sight.

Logan hasn’t reached the point in which he realises he can refuse food and hold me to ransom yet. I’m hoping (maybe optimistically) that he won’t. As of yet I haven’t given him anything that he has refused an long may it continue.

I have gone through phases of cooking hidden fruit and vegetable dishes before but the last month has been pretty intensive and surprisingly a lot easier and a lot less time consuming than I expected. So far cauliflower, carrot, courgette, raspberry, beetroot and sweet potato have been successfully infiltrated into her diet through cakes, mashes and sauces. This isn’t including all the tomatoes, peppers, celery etc in the Mario’s tomato sauce which I use liberally whenever I can get away with it.

Not every meal has gone down a roaring success (with Bella) but everything has been tried which is fantastic and means next time the food will be less daunting. Logan however I’m sure would give every meal a standing ovation if he weren’t strapped so tightly into his highchair.

So this is the story so far, my next stage is trying to find ways of introducing green vegetables which up until now has been impossible even to the point of oregano being picked off a pizza. Also meat is quite a sticking point but I’m determined to keep going. However I am hopeful and happy that her tastes are expanding and that nuggets and chips haven’t been eaten AT ALL in the past month and she hasn’t withered away. I hope you’re enjoying my posts, any comments are welcomed.



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