And now we wait…again

So last week my daughter had her final assessment with the university which was the most stressful for her. It was the only one where I wasn’t allowed to be present (but watched from the next room.) She started out really well but then tipped over into a meltdown when the assessor opened the door to switch from one box of toys to another. Opening the door was like a red rag to a bull, all she wanted to door was her usual escape artist trick. After about ten minutes of her crying/forcing out tears we decided to have a break. The door was opened and she was magically ok. After a drink, cuddle and run about they tried again. She was still upset but managed to calm herself enough in between sobs to try all the toys. Its just unfortunate that the door had to open half way through, if all the toys had been in the room ready I think she would have been fine, but then you never know.

I think she pretty much wore herself out in the play assessment which meant she sat completely still on my lap for the second EEG. This one was only 12 minutes so not as awkward for me which was a relief.

She has been placed in the second training group which starts in ten weeks. It was a coin toss as to which group she’d be in but I’d imagine as one of the youngest on the programme they are probably happy for her to wait.

Also this week we went to see the community paediatrician. I answered all the same questions about her behaviour that I have answered many times before. He was very friendly and even admitted (very tentatively) that he would predict after more assessing that she will be diagnosed with ASD.

Of course like everything we have to be assessed further and that means waiting, luckily he estimated it should be about autumn so hopefully just a few months away. She will then be in a clinic with other children to see how she, and they interact. This process will take a couple of weeks and hopefully by the end we will have a diagnosis or at least be in the system so able to get some kind of direction.

In the meantime we are going to get her hearing tested as it wasn’t done when she was born in Spain. I have no idea what the deluge of that will be as sometimes she hears a pin drop yet I can scream her name to no response. Wait and seek guess. We are still waiting on her little brothers appointment to get his eyes tested as a lazy eye was detected recently. I was quite surprised as to look at him there is nothing wrong yet my daughter had a visibly lazy eye which just corrected itself over time. I guess that’s the difference between the Spanish and British health systems!


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