Two assessment days

So we’ve had two back to back days of assessments at Birmingham Uni and I am officially tired. My daughter is passed out in her pram exactly the same as she did yesterday. That’s he bonus of being a toddler I guess, I have to try and keep my eyes open on the train so I don’t wake up in a different city.

Yesterdays cognitive test seemed (in my untrained opinion) to be more of the same that we’ve done before with a few more thrown in. I’m pretty sure it’s all a lot more logical than I’m making it sound and a quick glance at her assessors forms proved it. The session consisted of things such as hiding a key under a towel and seeing if she could find it, putting pretend coins in a money box etc. it seemed to focus on what she could do and how she figured things out. She sat in a high hair and tried every task for just over an hour. For a little girl who only turned two last week that’s pretty impressive.

Today they did two tests, an imitation test where they tried to get her to copy actions and sequences and an EEG assessment which I was more than nervous about as it required her to sit still watching a muted cartoon for half an hour with a cap on (which they informed me she could touch as it costs thousands of pounds!! No pressure then.)

The first thing they did when we got there was try hats on both themselves and my daughter in an attempt to desensitise her. It seems he younger children and especially girls are the ones who most dislike wearing the cap. We then picked the DVD she would watch, a combination of Peppa Pig and Winnie the Pooh. After this they showed me he real cap and explained the procedure, then they went straight into the imitation test. She tried her best but lets just say this isn’t her best subject and they even noted how difficult it is to catch her eye often have to resort to tickling her to get her attention.

She went straight from that into the EEG so as to keep her going and not let her attention drift too much. This assessment was difficult for me. I had to keep her as still as possible sitting on my lap and not let her touch the cap which lets face it is a natural response. The cap was soaked in a solution of baby shampoo to soften it so it fits snug to the head without being uncomfortable. She was distracted by another assistant with flashing musical toys while it was fitted and it seemed to work relatively well.

We were sitting on a chair really close to a tv screen. They then played video clips of waves crashing, hands clapping, paper ripping and a helicopter. They played each sound a couple of times with the corresponding video. I’m not sure whether this part was measured or not, to be honest my main concern was keeping her hands away from the cap!

The EEG was difficult purely because keeping a two year old sitting for 33 minutes is quite a task but she did it. I don’t there was anyone who expected her to do the whole time as there was lots of talk of doing 15 minutes now and 15 next week, probably because she is so young. We got this photo at the end proving that really nothing phases her.


Not back now until next Friday when she may be having another EEG but luckily this one is only 12 minutes and a bit more fun which is a relief.

In other related news she has had a date through to see the community paediatrician on June 11th so hopefully we are on the road to getting a clinical diagnosis (and going through all the assessments again eughh.)

In unrelated news my baby boy at 5 months now has two teeth, has started on solids as he’s a very big boy and is trying desperately to crawl. As soon as that happens they are going to run rings around me haha.


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