Are we what we eat?

So I learnt a new word this week, casein. Apparently this is a protein found in milk primarily although when you start looking it is also used as a binding agent in many things including medicines.

As readers of my blog know I am trying to be as proactive as possible in helping my daughters suspected autism. She is being assessed with Birmingham University’s child development programme as well as waiting for an appointment with the community paediatrician to get medically assessed. The latest thing we are trying is a change in diet. My little girl started off eating anything but over the last year has become fussier and fussier. Last week a study was pointed out to me about the GFCF diet (gluten free casein free.) initially I dismissed it out of hand as of late her diet has primarily consisted of milk, yogurts, sandwiches (jam, cheese spread) chips, chicken nuggets etc., you get the idea. Once I had a little investigation into the claims this diet made I must admit I was impressed. Children were starting to speak after days on the diet, meltdowns were melting away and I realised that if there was any chance this could work I had to give it a shot.

After reading Barrie Silberbergs book, The Autism and ADHD Diet and the dramatic effect the diet had I their son I was spurred into action. I have for now decided to dip my toe in and simply cut out casein and see if after a month it has any effect. After that I will decide whether or not to go gluten free also.

So far it has been about four days and my daughter loves rice milk which is a huge relief! I must point out at this point lactose free milk or soy are not alternatives. I don’t think she has noticed the lack of yogurts as I have replaced them with fruit pouches which she loves so much I have to hide!


Rice cakes, especially flavoured ones have become a bit of a staple snack which will be useful if we do cut out gluten in he future.

I don’t like to be the type of person to get over excited, well by anything until 100% sure but I think it is worth noting hat in the last few days my girl has signalled to me (by moving my hand to her nappy) that her nappy needed changing. This was a first and a second as she has never been bothered by a dirty nappy in the past. She also sat throughout the entire music session at her toddler group, although this could be put down to an early nap. I do believe in coincidences and it is also likely that she may just be learning new tricks. Whatever the answer is, progress is progress!

20120518-153613.jpg Some gluten and dairy free treats found at my local farmers market.


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