Play assessment



On Friday my daughter had her play assessment at Birmingham University. She seemed to enjoy herself and it was totally non invasive. She was shown different toys and their uses and she was watched to see how she interacted with them. As expected she treated most things, blocks, squeaky frog and aeroplane in the same way… She bangs them. The doll who was having a ‘birthday party’ was of no interest after she had taken all the candles and run over to the corner to drop them and pick them back up repeatedly. She enjoyed the bubbles and got to grips with an exercise including biscuits and plain crackers (learning to pick the biscuit over and over!)

We are back twice this week for cognitive tests. I was nervous when the course leader said it involves sitting at a table for longer periods of time. My girl is only two next week so one of the youngest on the study but luckily I noticed a highchair in the waiting room and I think this is the way to go. Getting my little madam to sit anywhere for any length of time is just impossible UNLESS she is transfixed by my iPhone and I feel that may distort the findings.

After the assessment period if we still want to move forward there is a ten week programme where we have to go twice a week. It is designed to improve communication which, if it does would be amazing!

More updates to come!


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