Autism Assessment?

On April 30th (edit May 9th) my daughter will take part in an assessment by the University of Birmingham to see if they think she is suitable to take part in an autism study. As she hasn’t been given a diagnosis or even received an appointment yet from the doctor this assessment will be an unofficial diagnosis.

There will be a play session where they watch how she interacts with toys and then she has to watch a cartoon with an electrode cap on. While watching the cartoon they will play sounds such as water and a helicopter, they will then (assuming she keeps the cap on) compare her brainwaves to children without autism.


If they think she is suitable there is a 10 week programme which she will join. We will have to go twice a week and they hope at the end there should be a visible improvement in her communication skills.

I’m torn between wanting them them to say she isn’t autistic and wanting them to say she is. If she isn’t then we simply have a waiting game where as if she has it then thanks to this programme we can start working straight away…..but she will be autistic.

I will ask if I can take photos to blog, so watch this space as it looks like something is actually happening!!


One thought on “Autism Assessment?

  1. Best of luck! I know that feeling, of wanting to just find a diagnosis but also not wanting to know. My kid had a speech delay but he turned out to just be slower than the average (talks up a storm now). Parents just want answers sometimes.

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