Is it Autism?

So after much research we have set the wheels in motion to get our daughter who is 22 months old assessed for a risk of autism. We have done all the online tests CHAT and others and they all come out with her being at risk but obviously we need to get her properly assessed by a professional. At almost two she has no words and very little communication. She also displays many of the tell tale signs such as hand flapping when excited, spinning and walking on tip toes. She has no interest in imaginative play such as dolls etc but loves building and playing with my iPhone. In fact her understanding of how to unlock my phone, select app and play the games is amazing. She doesn’t seem to understand basic instructions “where’s the baby?” “get your shoes” are just two examples meaning in turn it is hard for us to communicate with her. We often are left frustrated and worse angry when she doesn’t ‘listen’ or is it understand? Does she not grasp when we tell her ‘no’ or simply defiant?

I have no concerns about her intelligence, more her lack of interaction with the world around her. When out and about I can never point something out as she doesn’t know to look where I point so we have to adapt. Yesterday I took her to the lake to see the birds, she loves birds so rather than try to get her to look at things such as cats and dogs I am focusing on the things which spark her imagination.

After an appointment with the nursery nurse she has been referred to the community paediatrician. After a week or so I received a letter say her notes will be assed within 6-10 weeks and then they will let me know whether she needs an appointment. If she does they will write to me so that I can then book an appointment. So much for early intervention!

My daughter is beautiful and intelligent with a unique little personality. If she does get get diagnosed with anything on the autism spectrum I won’t worry. As I mentioned before her intelligence is not in doubt so really the diagnosis would be more for myself and her dad so we know how best to nurture her. I guess this is case of to be continued but if anyone has any advice I would be happy to listen.




2 thoughts on “Is it Autism?

  1. Good luck with it all – hopefully you get some answers and then you are in a position to help your daughter should she need it. I have two children with Aspergers, a girl who is 10 and a boy who is 8. You should like you are doing a fantastic job already and are trying to do all the right things. I wish you well!

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