What’s the opposite of the silver lining?

Well after having my little man two months ago I was adamant that I would lose the extra weight I was carrying. I’ll admit before I get beaten to death by many family members and friends, that I wasn’t holding too much extra but it was more than I wanted. Having a one year old who literally found her feet a month after I fell pregnant meant I wasn’t able to lie down and pile on the pounds like my first pregnancy. Then again second time round I was lot more aware that I didn’t need to gain too much excess weight.
I was much more active not only with my trainee toddler but I also chose to start exercising to improve my fitness before I had to deal with two babies.

Anyway, as I said its two months later and I have managed to lose most of he weight and I am quite proud of myself. There is only tiny problem. At the weekend I decided it was time to have a big wardrobe clear out…big mistake. After years of being pregnant and having lived in Spain meant that my wardrobe was a combination of oversized t-shirts, skirts and trousers (I try to avoid overpriced maternity-wear) and selection of mis-matched bikinis and sarong with a handful of jumpers thrown in for good luck. Well after the clear out it became clear that, to my horror, I now have NO clothes!!

How did this happen? All I have left are a couple of pairs of jeans and trousers (which are pre-pregnancy so I did feel a little smug as I zipped them up) a few tees and an out of proportionate amount of jumpers and hoodies. So ordinarily I would say hey ho I have no clothes but the silver lining is I’ve lost all my baby weight but what do you say in reverse? I did make the comment as I bagged up some particularly nice clothes that I should have just stayed fat. I won’t even try to explain the look I received from my mother but let’s just say that I didn’t make that statement again!


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