Pa-rental Discrimination Part 2

I have to admit after being rejected by many letting agencies last week I was feeling very deflated. After speaking with my own mother I came to the conclusion that it was my own fault, I was looking for properties in too ‘desireable’ areas than I can afford. I was coming to the conclusion that I would have to stay put and not be happy.

This afternoon I got another follow-up all from a local letting agent (who shall remain nameless.) Their office is not in an area that anyone in the midlands would call upmarket. It has nice roads but the most part are pretty down-scale. He informed me that the only way that his agency would consider someone on benefits would be with 3 months rent up front AND deposit. *Picks jaw up off floor* I’m not sure that his agency have any idea how the benefit system works, but I’m pretty sure that if I gave the DSS office a call they’d laugh me off the phone if I asked for 3 months rent. It just doesn’t work like that. The other option which I think is more realistic is that telling people like myself that I need 3 months up front will put off without him having t reject me himself.  This phone call made one thing clear and that is that this is not my problem.  The property on this mans books will cover all sorts of properties in a predominantly poorer area and even he’ trying to scare me off.

I had booked three viewing for Wednesday and the man on the phone hadn’t asked me the dreaded question “Are you in full-time employment?” I had decided I’d go along and try to win him over in person. This was a silly idea, I’d obviously fall in love with a property and then not be allowed to go any further and end the day in tears. (I cry quite easily, especially when I don’t get my own way.) So I called him back today and told him the score, my 3 viewings has been trimmed down to 1. However I am hopeful that there is at least 1 landlord with a slightly open mind, however its slim pickings.

I am under no illusions now that I am being discriminated against based on my social status and it’s just not right. I have two young children that deserve a decent home, where ever that may be and I shouldn’t have to beg to get that for them especially when I’m offering to pay for it!


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