Nappy Days…

I honestly think it’s only fair that if people are going to have more than one child they should be given them in the right order. I was not! I got the girl first. My girl, now 20 months is gorgeous, troublesome and full of energy but she is meant to come after the boy not before for one simple reason…nappy changes!  After changing a girl for almost two years I had the change down pat, then suddenly I get thrown a boy and it’s like the bloody Krypton Factor down there.  Seriously, people who have a boy first and then a girl must feel like they take a nappy vacation I mean it’s just so much easier.

Then again I totally blame myself, having two children in nappies (that aren’t twins) is just wrong. Most days I am literally floating in a sea of damn things and re-useables are simply not an option, if you had seen my regular washing pile you’d understand.  I always said I wouldn’t become one of those moms who were obsessed with their childs bowel movements but for time being it seems I ave no choice.

…and then comes potty training!!!


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